This IP core features a full-hardware sound compressor using the algorithm IMA ADPCM. Its main characteristics are:

  • IMA ADPCM Compression (4 bits per sample)
  • Input: 16 bits PCM sound samples
  • Mono: one channel operation
  • Output includes standard WAV headers
  • Selectable sample rate of recording

Output compatible with any sound player with the IMA ADPCM codec (included by default in every Windows). Includes a testbench that takes an uncompressed PCM 16 bits Mono WAV file and outputs an IMA ADPCM compressed WAV file.

As per the IMA-ADPCM standard, the compression ratio is 4:1.


Included with the core is:

Quotation Request

  • Technical support via email
  • IP Core Datasheet
  • Instantiation Template
  • Complete Testbench for source code

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